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Countdown 2020 June  Week 1

Robert Bryce


Hi all I hope all are healthy well and without disease! This season will be different than any other I have grown in with no shows to attend however I believe that our Facebook page will have a virtual show in August. To keep you entertained these are my plants on June 1st with all the side shoot cuttings still on. These will be removed over the next week. 

Most of the plants were cutting tubers from last year and currently I have labels in about half so plenty to spot yet. For those who do not know I never write labels when taking cuttings so never get the labels mixed up. My aims will be mostly cut blooms in 7-inch pots but I will be growing some single stem plants with side shoots and a few multi stem pot plants. My plants have had no feeds up to date only what is in the pot and I have been spraying every night with brown Maxicrop. My problems so far have been few with the odd caterpillar and I dropped a pot on my best Moira Callan. I have found it harder to root cuttings this year than last. I think it is weather related. No stems have been tied yet as I find plants stretch at this stage when supported. My aim is short plants (lots of light). I will tie when taking the buds. I will update you as I go on. Please if you can enter into the spirit of the Society and provide the odd picture. We are all in need of being entertained


Robert Bryce


An individual pot 2 stems with side shoots aka Ian Donaldson

Large Greenhouse from door

Large greenhouse looking back to door 2

Large Greenhouse looking back to door

Small Greenhouse from door

Small Greenhouse LH side








Some rows all in 7 inch pots