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August part 1

My diary will soon be coming to its conclusion as this month will see both cut blooms and pot plants starting to go past their best before slowly turning towards their dormant winter period and I see no advantage in covering this process as many growers before me have covered it in detail within their diaries.  In addition, I would suspect that there is only so much “food for thought” that an individual can take in any one season. 

For the last two weeks I have been lifting, carrying and working on my pot plants almost daily and to be honest I have certainly learnt a lot. Even some of the simplest of tasks such as how to use bloom supports was a learning curve as I had never any need to use them before. I was fortunate enough that Phil Champion had a large number that he had never used which I managed to acquire from him on loan. At the time it seemed that he had given me far too many but to my astonishment I have almost used them all and still have a number of plants to do.

I have now changed to feeding a higher potash feed, feeding the pot plants full strength at every watering and on a Sunday, they get plain water in order to wash out some of the salts within the pot. The pot plant comprising of two different cultivars would appear to have become quite a topic of conversation which to be honest is not a bad thing. Ultimately, I will leave it up to the legislators to decide whether or not it is worthy of inclusion in a show schedule but either way those among you who do not show can still have some fun and try various different colour combinations. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I will produce one last instalment to my diary when I will reflect on all that has taken place during the last 7 months and see where the future lies for me with pot plants.


Description of Photographs

1 – 4.     Small selection of single blooms
5  – 12.  Various pot plants comprising of single, double and triple tubers.


1 - Sweet Dreams

2 - Tequila Sunrise

3 - Moira Callan

4 - Burnout

5 - Eva Grace

6 - Sweet Dreams

7 - Tigger

8 - Golden Hind


                                                9 - Eva Grace                          10 - Charlotte                  11 - Moira Callan / Tigger

12- Moira Callan / Tigger

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