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New Book ‘Understanding Begonia’, by Samuel Kennedy
it is intended for ‘education, cultivation and exhibition’.

   This is now published and will be available for sale at Ayr flower show, it is worded for all members but especially new members giving you a short history of where the plants come from, the research and development that has been carried out in the past, where that development is today. What I do not have is a crystal ball to see where it is going tomorrow, one thing is certain, it is still being developed. The book describes the root systems, stems, leaves and flowers of the species and rhizomatous types and how to take cuttings in all their forms and then grow them into exhibition quality plants. Tuberous species follows, and from there onward into garden bedding varieties and pendula types saving the best for last, the Tuberhybrida or large flowered doubles.
   I have included what I consider good information, for what is a very large and diversified subject which will be useful to many growers within the begonia societies, but may prove more useful to those individual growers who have never thought of joining a flower society and to those readers I do hope you will consider joining, details of both National and Scottish society web sites are published on the back cover.
                                                                                                                     Samuel Kennedy.

   My passion for begonias began over 40 years ago, and I am as keen today as when I first became interested in my favourite flower. Still growing and learning. The aim of the booklet compiled with the same passion gives all the basic information you need on how to produce wonderful begonias. Starting with the origins of the begonia and its natural habitat through to growing the specimens we see at major flower shows, throughout the country. No matter what your level of interest, whether you grow for garden decoration, one or two hanging baskets, a few pots in the greenhouse, exhibiting at your local flower show, or who knows; the “National” or perhaps at “Ayr” – you will find this booklet to be an invaluable reference whether you are a novice or an experienced grower. I hope after reading this and applying the skills you learn from it that you will get the satisfaction from growing begonias that I have through the years. Grow and enjoy.
                                                                     Jeff Rhodes – President, The National Begonia Society

   The benefits of marriage are many fold, as I first saw this majestic plant I later found to be the large flowered double Begonia. I was hooked.
   My first love is growing and exhibiting of cut blooms and pot plants, however my interest also extends to multifloras and hanging baskets which fill the garden borders, patio and wall baskets. Begonias grow and flower profusely in all weathers from early summer until the frosts of November no other border plant gives such a trouble free spectacle for such a long time. As Chairman of the NBS my main objective is to promote interest in the growing of Begonias.
                                                          Ian Rhys Williams – Chairman, The National Begonia Society

   Both the National and Scottish Begonia Societies exist to give you the reader support in growing your plants to perfection. To hold meetings where questions can be asked, doubts allayed, errors corrected. Perfection then is only a question away. Flower Shows are an expression of your accomplishment.
                                                             Samuel Kennedy – President, The Scottish Begonia Society

Copies will be available at
Ayr, Shrewsbury, Southport, and East Anglian Shows
or by post
Scottish members from Samuel Kennedy, NBS members from Vincent Potts
Price £9.99 + £1.50 packing & postage.