The National Begonia Society

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NBS 1 3 Pots Double Tuberous Begonia.

1st Mike Avis Sweet Dreams, Ziggy, Vera Coates 1 entry only

 NBS 2 2 Pots Double Tuberous Begonia
1st Chad Stone Vera Coates x 2
2nd Not awarded
3rd Mike Avis - Charlotte, Fair Maid of Perth

 NBS 3 1 Pot Double Tuberous Begonia
1st Chad Stone Whispers
2nd Lakin Earl Mrs E McLauchlan
3rd Mike Avis Mrs E McLauchlan

 NBS 4 1 Pot Double Tuberous Begonia - Single Stem Restricted
1st Lakin Earl Fantasia
2nd Chad Stone Sceptre sport
3rd Mike Avis Fair Maid of Perth

NBS 5 3 pots Double Tuberous Begonia no side shoots
1st Chad Stone Tahiti, Jennifer Wilson, Vera Coates
2nd Not awarded
3rd Mike Avis Sceptre Cross, Isobel Keenan, Thornton Sunset.

 NBS 6 1 pot Double Tuberous Begonia no side shoots
1st Lakin Earl Vera Coates
2nd Mike Avis Burnout

NBS 7 1 Pot & 1 Cut Bloom No Entries 

NBS 8 1 Pot Double Tuberous Novice - No Entries 

NBS 9 1 Pot Fibrous Begonia
1st Basil Billinger Whopper

 NBS 10 1 Pot Rex or Rhizomatous Begonia
1st Mike Avis Sea Urchin
2nd Gary Dando Snow Storm

 NBS 11 1 pot Cane Stem No entries

NBS 12 1 pot Begonia any other type
1st Gary Dando Burning Embers
2nd Basil Billinger Fire Storm
3rd Mike Avis Glowing Embers

 NBS13 1 pot Flowering and 1 pot Foliage Begonia
1st Lakin Earl Glowing Embers, Tiger Paws
2nd Gary Dando Salsa, Love Birds

 NBS 14 1 pot Foliage Begonia any type
1st Lakin Earl Little Brother Montgomery
2nd Gary Dando Hugh McLauchlan
3rd Basil Billinger Grandus Eurnsiana

 NBS 15 3 pot Foliage Begonias any type
1st  Gary Dando Saba, Black Lace and unnamed
2nd Ian Rhys Williams Many Colours x 3+
3rd Tony Willoughby Tiger Paws x 2, Rocheart

 NBS 16 3 pots Multi-flowering Begonias
1st Gary Dando Yellow Hammer x 2, Truffle Cream
2nd not awarded
3rd Mike Avis - Northern Lights Gold, Truffle Cream, Valentine

 NBS 17 Hanging container of Begonias
1st Gary Dando San Francisco
2nd Basil Billinger Bellaconia Soft Pink
3rd Tony Willoughby Flamboyant

 NBS 18 - 1 Cut Bloom Novice
1st David Heskins Seedling
2nd Derek Skinner Joyce Mihulka
3rd Derek Skinner Sceptre Cross

NBS 19 6 Cut Blooms
1st John Chiswell Tequilla Sunrise x 4, Ruby Young, Coppelia
2nd John Chiswell Sylvia Johnson, Fallstaff, Tequilla Sunrise, Symestar, Ruby Young, Seedling
3rd Ken Davis Symestar. Charlotte, Fiona Ramsay, Joan Watson x 3

 NBS 20 3 Cut Blooms
1st Ian Rhys Williams Lucy Allerly (best cut bloom), Little Miss, Seedling
2nd John Chiswell Tequilla Sunrise x 3
3rd John Chiswell Sweet Dreams, Joyce Mihulka, Tequilla Sunrise

NBS 21 1 Cut Bloom
1st John Chiswell Joyce Mihulka
2nd John Chiswell Falstaff

3rd Ian Rhys Williams - Seedling



The Begonia Trophy - Most points  Gary Dando
Cecil Gammon Trophy - Best Cut Bloom Exhibit - Ian Rhys Williams
NBS Bronze Medal - Best Cut Bloom and 70th Anniversary Rosette - Ian Rhys Williams - Lucy Allerly
NBS Bronze Medal- Best Pot Plant and 70th Anniversary Rosette - Gary Dando - Black Lace
South West Begonia Rose Bowl - Best Exhibit - Gary Dando
Best Novice Exhibit 70th Anniversary Rosette - David Heskins - Seedling Cut Bloom.